Secretarial Audit is the Health Checkup of a Company. It has gained momentum over the period of last decade and has turned out to be an indispensable tool in the hands of the Corporate, which enables them to identify how robust the legal and corporate law Compliance system of the organization is. It is a means which instills professional discipline and signifies law abiding nature of the management of the Company. The contemporary scope of Secretarial Audit extends itself from the assessment of all Corporate Laws to various other laws such as foreign transactions regulatory provisions, Securities Laws covering the compliances of Listing Agreements, Insider Trading Regulations, Takeover Regulations, regulations relating to further issue of capital and other related provisions thereto and various Industrial, Labour and Business Specific Laws. This enables the directors to take measures to mitigate the consequences of any technical error, commission or omission, violation or contravention, breaches and non- compliances that might have been committed unknowingly. It gives an assurance to the management that all essential laws, rules, regulations and provisions of law as applicable to the company and any particular event or action thereto have been duly complied with but also to impart necessary confidence in its stakeholders that their interest is being taken care of.

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